Modern-style Asian cuisine meets electronic music festival

The Crave Festival and Yuzu join forces to deliver an uncompromising restaurant dining experience during The Crave Festival 2022 in Zuiderpark The Hague. Visitors of The Crave can book a table in the specially built restaurant and enjoy a live and freshly cooked 5 dish course. On the restaurant site, visitors can also enjoy fine Yuzu spirits and cocktails.


Sea bream tostada

Green bean salad |  tofu/feta cream | toasted nori

Rice chips | smoked miso butter

Miso salmon

Yakimomo chicken


Vegetarian menu

Bimi | baby corn | peanut sauce | fried onion

Fried tofu | white miso| avocado| chili

Tostada | red salsa | cilantro | sweet potato | queso fresco


Side dish

available on site

Oyster | jasmin vinegar | lime | yuzu masago

Meatless menu

Everyone who prefers a meatless menu can address this while entering the pop-up restaurant in Zuiderpark. We will swap the yakimomo chicken with an oyster and thus giving a pescatarian option.

How does it work?

Book a ticket for The Crave Festival and reserve a dining slot. At the festival site, go to the Yuzu restaurant entrance at the time you booked the table. Minimum 2 persons per table, max 8. 

The tables are available for the following time slots: 14:30-15:45, 15:00-16:15, 15:30-16:45, 16:00-17:15, 16:30-17:45, 17:00-18:15, 17:30-18:45, 18:00-19:15, 18:30-19:45, 19:00-20:15 & 19:30-20:45. Be quick to get the time slot you prefer.

How to book

Tickets for The Crave Festival 2022 and dining slots for YUZU are available here.

About Yuzu

Located at Bierkade right next to China Town, this garage-turned-into restaurant brings a mouthwatering, no-nonsense and electrifying dining experience. Spices and flavors from Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine are mixed with local ingredients in a charcoal black atmosphere.