We’re excited to share the first six acts that are joining The Crave Festival 2024! A thoughtful selection of six acts to give you a sneak peek to the full line-up!

Meet the artists


Typically operating at a high-tempo, SPFDJ takes no prisoners in it’s exploration of strains of techno, acid, hardcore and trance. It’s a style that Ben UFO called “utterly ruthless”, and one that more and more clubbers are submitting to. A gleefully chaotic two-fingers to dance music’s self-serious establishment.

Daria Kolosova

The extraordinarily genre-rich music of Daria Kolosova is more than just a form of entertainment. Music is also a way of communication for the Ukrainian DJ. A tool that helps her transform her distinctive energy into a story that can be shared with people on the dance floor. Having honed her craft in both local underground haunts and legendary global outfits alike, she will drop by our festival, for a second time in a row, to acquaint us with the vastness of her sonic range!

Fafi Abdel Nour

Fafi Abdel Nour, a DJ and community builder based in Amsterdam, draws inspiration from his Arabic roots. As a DJ, Fafi’s sets captivate with liberatory kinetics, transcending genres and inviting dancers into a realm of ecstatic sensation, all while promoting the message, “Love is the message.”

Héctor Oaks

Hector Oaks is a renowned vinyl-only techno DJ, producer, and label head of the record labels KAOS and OAKS. He is known for his exceptional mixing skills and unique style and has been behind the turntables for half of his life. Hector Oaks established himself as one of Europe’s most wanted techno weapons, combining the contemporary with hand-picked tracks from the history of rave culture.

Estella Boersma

After leaving her mark in the fashion world, Estella Boersma appears, by all accounts, to have strutted into the clubbing scene with as much effortless ease as she displays on international runways. Estella Boersma is a Dutch DJ and producer, creating tracks ranging from Techno, Electro, and Breakbeat. We’re happy to have Estella back with us after her festival debut at The Crave Festival 2022 and are eager to see how she has developed since then.


Djrum, an acclaimed underground artist since 2010, has built a diverse fan base in contemporary dance music by skillfully blending genres such as Techno, Jungle, Electro, Gabber, Broken Beat, and more. Djrum’s talent lies in seamlessly merging influences from various sources, creating a unique and captivating aesthetic that draws inspiration from both new and old musical elements.

Byron Yeates

Byron Yeates, a Berlin-based DJ and head of Radiant Records, is known for his signature sound. Showcased at venues like Panorama Bar, Tresor, and Shelter Amsterdam. His sets, often exceeding 8 hours, blend playfulness and sincerity, traversing genres within the queer electronic dance music lineage. As the founder of Radiant Records, Yeates releases trance-oriented EPs, featuring floor-ready cuts with unexpected timbres, clever melodies, and rhythms that deviate from the typical 4/4 beat.

Angel D’lite

Angel D’lite, a rising force in post-constructivist rave, hails from a universe where neon night skies replace UV sun. Schooled in London’s underground party scene, she quickly evolved from a trance dancer to a leading figure in the global queer resistance against corporate electronic music. Guided by tiramisu and inspired by Jimmy Somerville, her genre-defying sets blend breakbeat rave and downtempo house. With releases on labels like Radiant Records, she brings together femme sensuality and roughneck rave euphoria. Having graced iconic European venues, Angel D’lite embodies the ecstatic, empathic, and energetic spirit of the parties she fuels.

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