There are multiple ways to travel to Zuiderpark for The Crave Festival 2023. The easiest way is by bike. We have free bicycle sheds in front of our festival entrance. If it’s too far to travel by bike, we recommend traveling by public transport. We do not recommend traveling by car! Check out all the travel information below:

By Bike

If it is possible, take the bike! It’s the easiest and greenest way to travel. We have a free bicycle shed in front of our festival entrance. The best way to enter Zuiderpark is via the Soestdijksekade entrance. Click here for the exact location.

By public transport + shuttle

The two major train stations of The Hague are ‘Den Haag Centraal’ & ‘Den Haag HS’. From there, we offer two super-fast direct shuttle routes to Zuiderpark, and back. We offer one day ticket (€9,80) that takes you to Zuiderpark and back & a return ticket (€5,80) that only takes you back to the train stations. Each station has a pickup point; click here for the exact locations of the stops at Den Haag Centraal and Den Haag HS. Please note that there is a shortage of public transport in The Hague.

Shared rides

We have a Kiss and Ride space for everyone who gets a ride or takes a taxi to the event. If this is your way of traveling, go to Vreeswijkstraat, follow the instructions of the traffic controller, and walk via Anna Polakweg to the festival.

By Car

We highly recommend you do not take the car to our event. The public transport options are cheap and convenient and we have great bike parking in front of the main entrance. If you have no other option than taking the car, you can park for an hourly fee at Parking Leyweg 2 at the height of ‘Hengelolaan 170z’. From here you will be able to walk to the festival site. Please note that the parking lot will close at 00.30! If you’re too late, you need to wait the whole night until it opens again at 8.30.