30+ artists ranging between Techno, House, Trance, UK, Breakbeats, Disco and much more; this is the full line-up for The Crave Festival 2024!


DJ Heartstring

DJ HEARTSTRING is a Berlin-based duo that burst onto the scene in 2021 with their Trance Dance Music sound, blending a straight groove for the dance floor with occasional pop extravagance. A major career milestone was achieved when they made their Boiler Room debut at AVA, playing 100% HEARTSTRING material and leaving fans eager for upcoming releases. This, along with key remixes for artists such as Romy and TDJ, further solidifies their recognition as BBC Radio 1 Future Dance Stars for 2023. This makes it even more exciting to have the duo on our line-up.


Ben UFO is renowned for his daring and diverse selections in contemporary dance music. Rooted in UK rave culture, particularly dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass, he skillfully navigates through different eras and styles, seamlessly blending house, techno, and global dancefloor sounds. His sets are both thoughtful and lively, transitioning smoothly from broken rhythms to a compelling four-to-the-floor groove, surprising the audience with unexpected tangents, old favorites, and unique secret weapons.


Djrum, an acclaimed underground artist since 2010, has built a diverse fan base in contemporary dance music by skillfully blending genres such as Techno, Jungle, Electro, Gabber, Broken Beat, and more. Djrum’s talent lies in seamlessly merging influences from various sources, creating a unique and captivating aesthetic that draws inspiration from both new and old musical elements.


German electronic duo FJAAK produce driving, energetic dance tracks which range from reflective power house to storming warehouse techno, with occasional U.K. garage dub, and breakbeat hardcore influences. Gritty yet sensual, most of their tracks are composed entirely on analog equipment. Based in Berlin, Felix Wagner and Aaron Röbig had been making music together since childhood before they began producing techno as FJAAK during the late 2000s, while they were still teenagers.

Héctor Oaks

Hector Oaks is a renowned vinyl-only techno DJ, producer, and label head of the record labels KAOS and OAKS. Known for his exceptional mixing skills and unique style and has been behind the turntables for half of his life. Hector Oaks established himself as one of Europe’s most wanted techno weapons, combining the contemporary with hand-picked tracks from the history of rave culture. We’re very happy to have the two step master on the line-up for TCF24!


Kettama rose through the tricky ranks of the Irish electronic music scene through multiple residencies on the West and East coasts, all while his music’s online presence quickly caught fire across a range of different music groups online. What has happened since has been nothing short of breath-taking; his blend of hefty kicks with catchy riffs and stabs has given the house world a new ‘one to watch’ and he has certainly given everyone a good show to look at thus far.

Mall Grab

Since his debut release in 2014, Mall Grab has spent the last 10 years carving out a lane of his own with a carefree and fun yet considered brand of electronic dance music that transcends genres & labels and is unmistakably ‘Mall Grab’ when you hear it. Jordy, as he is affectionately known by fans the world over, has a recognizable character and energy as a DJ that involves everyone who enters the orbit of his music, whether it be festival, club, or theatre. In 2024, Jordy will usher in a new era with the launch of his new label ‘Fragrance’ with Effy and their fan-favorite single ‘iluv,’ a slew of new music to come, and many key festival appearances and shows.


Through his productions, DJ sets, and record labels, Midland’s output comes across as unassuming and surprising in equal measure—subtle, refined, and totally raucous all at once. However, it is arguable that he has made his most significant impact with the other side of his craft: DJing. Delivering his kaleidoscopic taste with a mixing technique that nods as much to his British lineage as it does to a smoother European style, he has distinguished himself with the ability to seamlessly switch styles in a way that always feels entirely natural.


Typically operating at a high-tempo, SPFDJ takes no prisoners in it’s exploration of strains of techno, acid, hardcore and trance. It’s a style that Ben UFO called “utterly ruthless”, and one that more and more clubbers are submitting to. A gleefully chaotic two-fingers to dance music’s self-serious establishment.

Daria Kolosova

The extraordinarily genre-rich music of Daria Kolosova is more than just a form of entertainment. Music is also a way of communication for the Ukrainian DJ. A tool that helps her transform her distinctive energy into a story that can be shared with people on the dance floor. Having honed her craft in both local underground haunts and legendary global outfits alike, she will drop by our festival, for a second time in a row, to acquaint us with the vastness of her sonic range!