We have taken the greatest care with creating a bill that contains anything you could ask for in electronic music: 35+ artists across 5+ genres in the urban jungle called Zuiderpark. Meet some of our artists below:

Seeking to challenge and excite crowds everywhere she goes, Polish DJ and producer VTSS is at the forefront of Berlin’s underground music scene. Known for her cutting-edge and fierce mixes of techno, rave, acid, EBM, and hardcore, she has residencies in her hometown of Warsaw and travels the world playing her sets at venues.

It may have taken The Blessed Madonna two decades to earn the title of “20-year overnight sensation”, but these days, there’s no mistaking the American trailblazer. Her flamboyant personality instantly commands a room, only to be matched by the irresistible brain dance that comes next! Covering styles from disco to techno and back again in the flawless way only The Blessed Madonna can, this lady means business; don’t expect to leave her set with a dry shirt!

From record digging in her local library to swiftly becoming a household name, Helena Hauff was a breath of fresh air that continues to permeate the electronic world today. The Analog queen’s music sensibilities thrives on minimalist abstraction, borrowing elements from acid house, EBM and industrial music to create gritty, compelling soundscapes that are out of this world. A Helena Hauff set is an invitation to step into the deep end with the enigmatic performer. We’re ready to get our feet wet!

On the cusp of breaking into the big time is Carista, a Utrecht native whose monthly radio slots at NTS and now-defunct Red Light Radio have made her one of the most sought after artists. Her music label and platform United Identities has provided a platform to express her unique take on Soul, Electronic, House, Garage, and beyond. The energy of her sets has earned Carista fans all around the world.

Hadone’s evolutionary journey has been an exciting one to watch. Quickly becoming a favorite in the electronic circuit, the French DJ producer, who is now based in Belgium, takes four-to-the-floor to a whole new level by incorporating a wide range of styles into his addictive sets. He’s been given the task to blow our socks off this summer, and we can hardly wait.

Job Jobse’s current career trajectory had been plotted on the backs of two legendary Amsterdam institutions that came and went. From the ashes of Club 11, which laid the foundation for young Job’s music direction, came successor Trouw. Currently holding down another residency at De School, aka the third living incarnation of the original Club 11, Job Jobse gets to keep his first love close to his chest, while giving himself wings via his own label De Vlieger and curated Strangelove nights.

Life hasn’t been the same for mad miran ever since we discovered she harboured secret DJ ambitions. Upon emerging from her bedroom studio, the burgeoning Dutch DJ became the talk of the time in no time, delighting us with her simmering selections of broken beats and electro pulses. A crate digger and raver at heart, mad miran is all about the vibes and the moment. Keep this young artist in your sight, for this one is a future tastemaker in the making!