The Crave Festival 2024 will showcase a new stage, 2 new stage designs, and upgrades to the rest of them! Check out everything you need to know below 👇

POLY – Our New Stage Concept

The stage where you will encounter a rich blend of the more experimental side of electronic music. We made sure the design complements the sound with a raw & mysterious feel, especially when the night falls. The stage will be set in our most intimate space at the festival site: the island that visitors from our first editions in Zuiderpark will remember 🌿


dBridge & Lena Willikens | DJrum | Identified Patient & Gamma Intel | JEANS | Nikos [LIVE] | Verity | Vox Supreme

A New Design For The PIP Stage

Get up close to the artists! This design allows us to set the exact vibe you need while dancing to an irresistible fusion of disco and house. You can dance behind, next to, or in front of the artists at one of the most beautiful spots at our festival site; next to the lake and surrounded by lush greenery ☀️


Fafi Abdel Nour | Midland | Stella Zekri | More TBA…

CUBOID Is Being Transformed Into A Techno Arena

Expect an ambiance you’ve never experienced before at a festival. By relocating the stage to the opposite end of the bridge, we’ve created the opportunity to close it off from its surroundings with elevated areas all around, giving it the feel of an arena. The show also gains an extra layer of depth with pillars in the middle of the crowd.


Altinbas | Chlär | Estella Boersma | FJAAK | Héctor Oaks | Spekki Webu

A New Lighting System For TETRA!

This innovative setup features LED screens behind the artists and lights stretching to the tent’s entrance. Combined with plenty of smoke, it creates a true warehouse rave experience 😶‍🌫️ Special thanks to Bud for making it possible to enhance the experience! 🫶

Line-up (Curated by Daria Kolosova):

François X | Kettama | Laure Croft | LDS & VEL | Lobster | SPFDJ & Daria Kolosova

All Improvements Made To The SPHERE Stage

While maintaining the fundamental elements of the stage, we continue to enhance its overall look and feel. The stage will be set at a new location, and the dancefloor synergy will be complemented by a different LED screen setup, along with even more lights for you to get lost in while dancing to a selection of the best house & trance artists of the moment.


AGY3NA | Angel D’lite & Byron Yeates | Ben UFO | DJ Heartstring | Mall Grab | Moody Mehran & Lucky Done Gone