Zuiderpark Saturday ■ 03-06-2023


Octo Octa:

Putting out music since 2011, touring musician Octo Octa will be making all the house, techno, and breakbeat tracks to fill your heart with joy and sorrow. Also known as Maya Bouldry-Morrison, when the New Hampshire-based artist gets behind the booth to warm our cockles and make us groove, prepare to wear your heart proudly on your sleeve!

Eris Drew:

Eris Drew is a DJ, producer and trans ecstatic from Chicago. She runs the T4T LUV NRG recording label with her loving b2b partner Octo Octa from a log cabin in New Hampshire. Eris is a recording artist for her own label, Interdimensional Transmissions (Detroit) and Naive Records (Lisbon). She conducts the Psychedelic Rites of the Motherbeat with her friends at Pittsburgh’s Hot Mass and at Room 4 Resistance in Berlin.