Moody Mehran

Labeling Mehran as a DJ is a difficult task. Mostly because he walks a quite individual path when it comes to his musical inspiration. This inspiration isn’t driven by a single style or musical genre. Although his roots as a DJ derive from the love for Chicago House, his focus nowadays ranges most of the (electronic) music spectrum. All the variables in his taste do have one major thing in common: finding and sharing real, authentic and exceptional records that have, or will, stand the test of time. Over the years he developed an eye to find those outstanding records.

Lucky Done Gone

The people who’ve seen Lucky Done Gone play, know it’s not just his sets that are contagious, but it’s the friendly artist’s whole vibe that is catching. His eyes are always fixed on the crowd in front of him, making sure he’s not just playing records only he likes. His sets are a mixture between eternal styles, house, 90’s techno and trance, IBM and leftfield.