LDSLDS aka Luca Daniel Schwarz is an electronic music artist, DJ and live performer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Luca’s name and profile has quickly risen in the industry with his unique take on Techno, Trance and IDM via landmark releases on Monnom Black, Blue Hour, Transatlantic and Planet X. As a DJ his sets span different styles showcasing a collection of deep and hypnotic music from past and present intertwined with his own productions.


Celar-paced yet textured techno, powerful yet graceful, Vel’s sound radiates through throbbing drums she summons from her memories, celestial whispers and fragile voices: the divine feminine emanates from all the pulsating vibrations she casts. During sets, Vel knows no limits of genre, she’s always eager to hit hard, defying boundaries and BPMs, a true force of nature.