Zuiderpark Saturday ■ 04-06-2022


Techno savant Jeff Mills may have long retired his 80’s pseudonym of “The Wizard” from the stage, but we’re still every bit under his spell. Going on four decades into a monumental career adorned with culture-shifting visions and multidisciplinary musical forays, the Detroit techno pioneer and founding member of Underground Resistance has been an indispensable figure in techno’s evolution. The early 90’s saw Mills’ contribution to Berlin’s techno revival by way of his Tresor residency. In the years following, he went on to liberate the genre from the confines of sweaty dance floor basements, elevating it to a high culture worth its salt alongside art installations, cinema reels, and symphonic orchestral ensembles. The recent pandemic did little to slow the prolific producer down, having revived his Millsart alias, collaborated on a jazz project, launched a digital magazine, and more. Trust us. You’ll want to get yourself a front row spot when the sharply suited artist prepares to blow our socks off with his infamous 909 and triple decks!