dBridge, also known as Darren White, has been navigating the drum and bass scene since the early ’90s, notably spearheading the group Bad Company alongside DJs Maldini, Fresh, and Vegas. However, Darren’s musical interests are far more unconventional and far-reaching than one might expect from someone closely tied to the origins of Drum & Bass. Instinctively, dBridge turns away from the contemporary technology that dominates production today, opting instead for old-school techniques, equipment, and production styles.

Lena Willikens

Stuttgart-born, Amsterdam-based Lena Willikens loves to flirt with genre boundaries and expectations, her “can’t quite put a finger on it” modus operandi was cultivated at the infamous Salon Des Amateurs in Dusseldorf, where she held a long-standing residency, as well as on Sentimental Flashback, a monthly podcast series she once ran for Radio Cómeme. It’s a philosophy that continues to inform her music choices today as she steers the airwaves on NTS’s Lightning Conductor and cooks up exciting curations as a sought-after selector. Her uncanny ability to work a broad range of eclectic and unusual sounds into the dancefloor is guaranteed to keep us on our toes.