We’re excited to introduce you to our fully redesigned festival site!
While making more room for our visitors with lots to discover, we will keep our vibe intimate, just like you’d expect from us. Check out the new festival map including a 140-meter-long bridge we build in collaboration with Bud and much, much, more! 

The Crossover by Bud

In partnership with Bud, the Crave Festival presents The Crossover: a 140-meter-long floating art exhibition. On June 4th, the scenic backdrop of the Zuiderpark lake surroundings will play host to an immersive art installation by two emerging visual artists, as they each showcase seven individual artworks woven around a common theme. A crossing connecting one end of the festival to the other serves as a bridge linking both artists – a crossover in the figurative and literal sense. Track the visual expression of two distinctly creative journeys as the art pieces interact with each other, the audience, and the physical spaces they reside to birth new connections.

Jägermeister FM: Bakkie Bakkie radio show

Jägermeister FM and Bakkie Bakkie are making their very first stop of their festival tour at The Crave Festival 2022. Our friends Steven van Lummel and Justin Verkijk will host a live radio show during the festival with a musical program, curated by the local streaming platform Future Intel. Make sure to check them out on the 4th of June and enjoy the live radio show with a Jägermeister Mule.

Light art by David Schoch

Light artist and founder of PIP Den Haag, David Schoch, will be making an installation in the green vegetation of Zuiderpark which will be the most adventurous route to take while discovering the redesigned festival site. Already known for his installations ‘Boogie Woogie NOW!‘ and ‘Het licht gaat weer aan!’. His latest installation is called Getijde, a 150-meter-long audiovisual representation of the monthly cycle of the moon and the effects it has on the see in a 15-minute cycle. Check out the video below of his project ‘Het licht gaat weer aan’ to catch a glimpse of his installation in Zuiderpark.

© Het licht gaat weer aan – David Schoch – Atrium Den Haag


We also wanted to give our festival a new dimension with our full-scale YUZU pop-up restaurant. Visitors of the festival can book a table and enjoy a live and freshly cooked fine dining experience in Zuiderpark. Click here to see the full menu and reservations.

Extra stage

While we had to expand the festival site to make more room for the growing amount of visitors we also wanted to keep the same intimacy as you are used from the last edition of The Crave Festival. To maintain this, we introduced you to the fifth stage of our festival which makes room for more artists but also made room for a new stage host: HÖR Berlin, who will be making its very first festival appearance in Zuiderpark on the 4th of June! Besides a new stage we also redesigned the stages of our already trusted partners: Resident Advisor, PIP and Intergalactic FM.