We feel the strong urge to reduce our impact on nature and climate so we can contribute to society. Our sustainability policy has five pillars with concrete goals. 


– Use renewable energy sources from batteries and the power grid.

– Where possible use electrical machinery on-site.


– Where possible, let artists travel by train to the Hague. All artists travel in NL from and to the festival with EV’s (electric Vehicles).

– We advise and recommend our visitors to come to the festival by public transport. Please see the section ‘Transport’ for more information on this subject.

Social environment:

– A part of the remaining hardcup deposit is donated to three relevant local charity organizations.


– No single use plastics objects on the festival terrain.

– Use of eco-friendly cleaning materials and toilet paper.

– Minimize waste from production by reducing single use items.

– Separated waste collection.

Food and beverages:

– 50% of the food served at The Crave Festival is vega(n).