Kingkool and The Monument are directly next to each other and share the same reception desk inside Kingkool.

Kingkool’s address: Prinsegracht 51, 2512 EX, The Hague.

The Monument’s Address: Prinsegracht 53, 2512 EX, The Hague.


Kingkool and The Monument are placed in the city center of The Hague. All of our events are easily accessible by bike and public transportation.

Travel to our events

You can find the best ways to travel to our events below:

Opening night, June 3rd:

Our opening event at Paard is across the street with only a two-minute walk.

Festival at Zuiderpark, June 4th:

Our main event at Zuiderpark on the 4th of June is only 13 minutes from the hotels by bike and public transports. You can use this route if you plan on taking public transport: Bus 25 to “Vrederust” and stop at “Soestdijkseplein”, from there it’s only a three-minute walk. 

Beach Closing, June 5th:

The fastest way to travel to our beach closing is by bike: 26 minutes. You can also use public transport which takes about 35 minutes. You can take tram 1 from “The Hague Centrum” to “Zwarte Pad” and from there it’s a 7-minute walk.