It’s always good to return to where it all started for us. We organized our first-ever club event and festival at their grounds, and with over 22 events held it’s time to head back home for The Crave at PIP. On November 19, the venue’s rooms will be filled with Electro in the Bunker, Disco, and House in the ‘Barzaal’ and the ‘Spiegelzaal’ will serve as the main room with Techno and Rave.


Journey of Nostalgia

We already told you that we already organized 22 events at the most beloved location in our hometown: PIP. We summarized some of the milestones we achieved at PIP for you to step on a journey of nostalgia.

The Crave @ PIP – 12 April, 2014 – First event

The Crave Fest – 23 August, 2014 – First ever festival

The Crave Weekender – 18th of April, 2015 – First weekender

The Crave Fest – 13th of August, 2016 – Last edition before Zuiderpark