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  • The Crave Festival 2022

    • Recycle coins

      We understood that some people received a recycle coin during the festival with a code to win a prize. We weren’t aware of this because we got the wrong batch of coins. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we came up with the following solution:

      We are giving away merchandise to some lucky visitors who got this problem. Participate by contacting us via with the following: email that is used to buy your festival ticket, your full address, and clothing size.

    • I forgot something in my locker, what now?

      Everything that was found in the lockers is collected by Lockerbox. Please follow the instructions on this page to get your belongings back!

    • I want to inform you about something that happened at the festival, what can I do?

      We want to know everything that happened during the festival to prepare for this for the next edition. Please contact to give us feedback or provide us with information about something we should know about!

    • I lost something during the festival, what now?

      Unfortunate that you lost something during the festival. Check out this page to find your belongings!


    • Practical information

      Are lockers available at the event?

      Yes, Radion provides lots of lockers you can use during the event. Please take in mind that you will need a €2 coin to make use of the lockers.

      Can I pay with cash at the event?

      No, you can only pay with card at Radion.

    • Location and best way to reach the event

      Where does ‘The Crave x HÖR: ADE’ take place? 

      The event takes place at Radion Amsterdam. The address is Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam.

      How can I reach the event?

      Find the best ways to reach the event below:

      By bike

      The easiest way to get to Radion is by bike. They offer enough parking spaces.

      By public transport

      The closest public transport station is Louwesweg, tram 2, bus 18 and bus 195 all stop right in front of the club.

      Later in the night, you can take  Metro 50 or 51 to Henk Sneevlietweg, from there it is only a 10-minute walk.

      Use to plan your travel.

      By car (not recommended)

      If you decide to travel by car, make sure you have a designated driver picked out before the event. Drive safely!
      There is parking available next to Radion’s outdoor area. The cost is €1,50/h | Max €10/day.

    • House rules

      Radion, The Crave, and HÖR want to create a safe space for everyone to have a great night. Please take the house rules of Radion into account while entering, during, and leaving the event:

      We don’t tolerate discrimination; racism | sexism | homophobia | transphobia

      Come as you are, be kind to yourself and to others

      We love natural high, so no drugs allowed

      Kindness is key, so no weapons allowed

      Our age limit is 18+ (with valid id)

      While entering or leaving the club, be aware of the neighbors

      We value your Privacy, so no photos/videos allowed

      Make sure you have your bank card ready, cause PIN only

      For the lockers bring a 2 euro coin


The Crave Festival represents a broad spectrum of electronic music around The City of The Hague. The three day during festival has different shows across the city with the main event in Zuiderpark. In the park you will encounter a mix of head banging techno, groovy disco, swiping house or fierce electro.