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June 4th 2022 Zuiderpark The Hague June 4th 2022 Zuiderpark The Hague June 4th 2022 Zuiderpark The Hague June 4th 2022 Zuiderpark The Hague June 4th 2022 Zuiderpark The Hague

Line up

  • Jeff Mills
  • Rødhåd
  • Honey Dijon
  • KiNK Live
  • Hunee
  • Ben Sims
  • DJ Stingray 313 b2b Afra
  • Gerd Janson
  • KI/KI
  • Awesome Tapes
  • BAD NEWS: Ron Morelli and AN-I Live
  • Black Cadmium
  • CEM
  • David Vunk
  • E.R.P / Convextion Live
  • Estella Boersma
  • I-F
  • ISAbella
  • Jelly & Nathan Homan
  • Legowelt Live
  • Lena Willikens
  • Leon Vynehall
  • Mafalda
  • Mama Snake
  • Marco Shuttle
  • Mim Suleiman Live
  • Or:la
  • Orpheu The Wizard
  • Radical HI-FI
  • Spekki Webu b2b JEANS Live
  • Stranger b2b Deniro
  • Van Anh b2b Ben Buitendijk
  • Vladimir Ivkovic
  • Zohar


festival ticket


Final Phase


€59.00 Inc. fee

Group tickets


Final Phase


Starting from €53 Inc. fee

Weekend events

Opening Night, After Hours and Beach Closing

03/06/2022 - 05/06/2022

Starting from €15 Inc. fee



From June 3rd until 5th The Hague will be covered in pink for The Crave Festival 2022. The weekend consists of the main festival in Zuiderpark on Saturday with 4+ stages and 30+ artists. On Friday we kick of the weekend with a concert in Paard van Troje in the city center. On Saturday dancing continues during the After Hours at the PIP and Paard van Troje. The weekend is closed with a beach concert at The Hague Beach.


Main Stage

Our main area will serve as the stage to a full blown techno assault. Here is where our roots are and where they’ll continue to grow deeper through profound electronic rhythms every year. Expect an atmospheric trip that will travel through futuristic and melancholic themes, a musical journey which will ultimately reach its final destination: euphoria.

HÖR Berlin

Beamed on millions of screens in living rooms around the world, HÖR Berlin’s iconic neon-lit bathroom live streams offer a portal by which shared music moments could transcend dancefloors and the confines of four walls. The independent streaming platform will step off their famous bathroom podium for a day to host The Crave’s fifth stage. A convergence of the physical and virtual, this collaboration will feature an adventurous roster that celebrates the outsiders as new, meaningful ways of collective music discovery get reimagined.

Resident Advisor

This year we’re honored to welcome Resident Advisor, the globally recognized electronic music platform, to The Hague. RA will be hosting an intimate stage that is built to complement the interaction between the artist and its dancers, all while aiming for a state of perfect dance floor synergy. Musically this collaboration will present a wide array of exciting electronic music through a selection of today’s most appealing artists – a true delicacy to those with curious ears.

Inter Galactic FM

The Hague has been establishing a reputation as our country’s most prominent pop city for years. All while building a legacy below surface that is at the very least equally impressing, also known as the West Coast Sound. A typical electro sound that has stood the test of time while dominating dancefloors all over the globe. It’s no wonder that you can find “West Coast” labeled record crates from here to San Francisco. A gathering of three generations. A blend of the past and the present.

PIP Den Haag

PIP is undoubtedly the finest place The Hague has to offer. A place where boundaries don’t exist and new exciting initiatives are born. A place where upcoming talent gets a chance to flourish into something bigger. A place where like-minded people who’re looking for nighttime diversions can gather. The place where it all started for us.


  • Tickets

    • Where can I buy tickets?

      You can buy tickets at Do not buy tickets from unauthorized sellers as we cannot determine the authenticity and entry to our festival could be denied.

    • I still have a ticket from The Crave Festival 2020, is this valid for 2022?

      Yes, if you have kept your tickets for the 2020 edition, your tickets will be valid at the 2022 edition.

    • I can’t remember if I kept my ticket from 2020?

      Everybody who kept their ticket has received an email confirming this. If you haven’t received this e-mail you have gotten a refund. If you are still not sure you can send an e-mail to

    • Aftermarket tickets and Ticketswap

      Second-hand tickets are only permitted to be sold via Ticketswap: To avoid fraud your ticket will be activated 1 day prior to the event.

      How can I resell my tickets?

      To resell your ticket you can use Ticketswap. Click on ‘Download Ticket’ in your confirmation mail and go to ‘Re-sell on Ticketswap’ a the bottom of the page. Follow the steps that are indicated on the Ticketswap website.

    • How to download my tickets?

      Your ticket for this event is an e-ticket. The e-ticket is an Adobe PDF document. If you’re unable to open Adobe PDF documents, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here for free. As a ticket buyer, you’re responsible for being able to present the e-ticket as proof of entry at the event.

    • Do I need to print my ticket?

      No, you can show your ticket on your phone. Save the trees!

    • Will there be a doorsale?

      It is very likely that our festival will sell out before our festival. We will share this information on our socials. To make sure you’re not disappointed buy your ticket as early as possible via

    • I lost / didn’t receive my ticket.

      If you can’t find your ticket in your mailbox, please don’t forget to check your spam folder! If you still can’t find it, reach out to us via

    • What does a weekend ticket give access to?

      A weekend ticket gives you access to all The Crave Festival events from June 3rd to June 5th. This includes the opening night on Friday, the festival and multiple after hours on Saturday and the beach closing on Sunday. Please note that the weekend tickets are sold out.

      The full weekend program and tickets for the separate events will be released soon, stay tuned!

  • Practical info

    • Where will The Crave Festival be held?

      The Crave Festival’s main event is at the Zuiderpark in The Hague on Saturday, June 4th. The Address is: Mr P D Fortuynweg 79, 2533SP Den Haag.

      Locations of the other venues in and around the city during the weekend will be announced later.

    • What is the minimum age to enter the festival?

      The minimum age is 18. Always bring an official photo ID like an ID-card or drivers licence, we do not accept copies of documents. If there is any doubt about your age the security at the door can deny entry.

    • Can I pay with cash at The Crave?

      Both cash and card will be accepted at The Crave.

    • What facilities are available at The Crave?


      We offer lockers at The Crave. Skip the line and buy a locker in advance here. (Link)

      Food & Drinks

      We offer a wide variety of food and drinks. You can pay by card.


      We sell cigarettes at the festival. You can pay by card. We recommend you bring enough cigarettes anyway.


      Please always protect your ears and bring earplugs. If you forgot yours, you can buy earplugs at the festival site.

    • Is The Crave Festival accessible for visitors with disabilities?

      The Crave puts effort into making the festival accessible for anyone with disabilities. 

      Most of the paths are wheelchair accessible. 

      Also we have wheelchair accessible toilets in the main toilet area.

      Guidance dogs are allowed if recognizable.

      For questions or suggestions please send a message to

    • Am I allowed to bring my medication to the festival?

      Bringing medication is only allowed if you bring a certified statement by your doctor and if the medicines are in their original packaging. In all other cases you will not be able to bring the medication inside the festival area.

    • What items are prohibited at the festival?

      The following items are not allowed at The Crave Festival

      • Drugs (zero tolerance)
      • Food/drinks
      • Flammable substances (Deodorant stick is allowed)
      • Fireworks, weapons or other dangerous objects.
      • Umbrella’s
      • Selfie sticks
      • Professional recording equipment (without permission, see press enquiries)
      • Flyers
      • It is not allowed to give out flyers in or around the festival.

      For further information, see rules of conduct

  • Sealed tickets

    • Why is my ticket sealed?

      Eventix has introduced a new ticketing system in which your purchased tickets are sealed until one day prior to the festival. The system acts to deter ticket resellers, also known as ticket scalpers, by making tickets harder to resell, thus giving the tickets back to the visitors!

      What does this mean for you?

      You’ll be able to download your ticket(s) one day before the festival. If you’ve purchased tickets for your entire group of friends, you’ll be able to assign the tickets or send them to your friends on the same date.

      Check out the following link for more information:

    • Downloading and personalizing your ticket(s)

      Before your ticket can be downloaded, they will need to be personalized. For each of your purchased tickets, you will be required to fill in the personal details of the ticket holder i.e. the person you assign the ticket to. It is possible to personalize the tickets up until and prior to entering the festival. Wait till you are sure about who each ticket will go to before initiating the personalization process.

      If you still want to make changes after your tickets have been personalized, please send an email to for instructions. To avoid fraud, your ticket will only be activated one day prior to the event. For more information, refer to the following link:

    • How do I resell my sealed tickets?

      To resell your ticket you can use Ticketswap. Click on ‘Download Ticket’ in your confirmation mail and go to ‘Re-sell on Ticketswap’ a the bottom of the page. Follow the steps that are indicated on the Ticketswap website to sell your ticket.

      Why use Ticketswap?

      We only recommend Ticketswap for reselling and buying aftermarket tickets because of the Secure Swap system. This system ensures that the ‘original’ ticket becomes invalid and the buyer receives a new ticket, including his or her details and a new QR code. By invalidating the original ticket, the buyer always has a valid ticket

  • Travel and accommodation

    • Where does The Crave take place?

      The festival takes place in Zuiderpark. The entrance of the festival is next to Anna Polakweg, Den Haag. Click here for Google Maps directions

    • By bike

      The best way to get to The Crave Festival is by bike. We have free bike-parking in front of the festival entrance. Navigate to Marie Jungius or Anna Polakweg entrance of Zuiderpark.

    • By public transport

      The Hague has two major train stations: Centraal Station and Holland Spoor. We recommend you to travel to Holland Spoor and take our shuttle service. We have a shuttle service next to Holland Spoor at Waldorpstraat 37. Click  here for Google Maps directions. Shuttle tickets can be purchased here

      You can plan your routes in The Netherlands here:

    • Shuttlebus Service

      Since there is very limited public transport available from and to Zuiderpark, we arranged a shuttle bus service. We offer one day tickets that can be used for all of the following routes on June 4th:

      FromToDrives between
      Station Holland Spoor (HS)Zuiderpark11:30 – 18:00 & 21:30 – 01:30
      ZuiderparkAfter Hours @ Paard23:00 – 01:30
      ZuiderparkAfter Hours @ PIP23:00 – 01:30

      Price of a ticket is €9 which gives you access to all available routes. 

      Tickets can be bought here:

    • Kiss and Ride

      If you are planning to take a taxi or if you are getting dropped of at the festival, please navigate to Vreeswijkstraat near “Het Hapje Snacks”. Click here for the exact location. From here, enter Zuiderpark via Anna Polakweg and follow this route to the entrance of the festival.

    • By car (not recommended)

      We highly recommend you not to take the car to the festival. If you decide to take the car you can park at APCOA PARKING at Haga Hospital Leyweg. From there we have a shuttle service to Zuiderpark.

  • Covid

    • What happens if the festival is cancelled due to covid?

      With the latest developments around COVID and the restrictions, we are convinced that the festival is taking place. But if the situation changes and the festival has to be cancelled, you will be given the opportunity to get a refund or keep your ticket for a rescheduled date.

    • What will the COVID-19 measures be at the festival?

      The Dutch government announced that all event-related COVID restrictions are lifted from March 23 onwards. This means you don’t need to test or show a proof of vaccination to enter our events. This rules for national and international visitors. We will keep everyone informed when the rules change. Please check the government website for up to date information.

  • Environment

    • What actions does The Crave Festival take to improve climate and society?

      We feel the strong urge to reduce our impact on nature and climate and give back to society. Our sustainability policy has five pillars with concrete goals. 


      – Use renewable energy sources from batteries and power grid.

      – Where possible use electrical machinery on-site.


      – Where possible, let artists travel by train to the festival. All artists travel in NL from and to the festival with EV’s.

      – We call for our visitors to come to the festival by public transport. Please see the section ‘Transport’ for more information.

      Social environment:

      – A part of the remaining hardcup deposit is donated to three relevant local charity organizations.


      – No single use plastics on the festival terrain.

      – Use of eco friendly cleaning materials and toilet paper.

      – Minimize waste from production by reducing single use items.

      – Separated waste collection.

      Food and beverages:

      – 50% of the food served at The Crave Festival is vega(n).

  • Celebrate Safe

    • What is Celebrate Safe?

      Celebrate Safe is a platform with tips and reliable information about conscious and safe partying. The campaign was set up by more than 100 club owners and organizers to point out the risks related to going out (such as alcohol, drugs, but also hearing damage and unsafe sec) to visitors to events and clubs in an accessible way. Check out the ten points beneath to prepare yourself in a safe way. Don’t forget we have a zero-tolerance policy at The Crave Festival, see the rules of conduct for more information.

      For more information about the Celebrate Safe campaign, check out

    • Think for yourself, care about others

      To plan is to spoil yourself. For some, anticipation is just as important as the moment itself. Which party are you going to and with whom? What are you wearing? How do you get there? You can also think about whether you want to use alcohol or other drugs. And check with your friends what they are up to. Then you know what to do if something goes wrong.

      Be kind to yourself and the people around you. If everyone pays attention to each other, everyone will have a good time. Do you see someone not feeling okay? Wait for a while until someone from the crew or the emergency room is there. If you agree on a meeting point at the party, you can find each other if your phone no longer works.

      Better safe than sorry. Celebrate safe!

    • Using alcohol or other drugs is never without risk

      There are always risks associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs. It makes little difference whether you do it for the first time or have done it before. Each remedy has a different effect. Its effect depends on what you take, where you take it, how much you take and how your body reacts to it.

      Don’t forget we have a zero-tolerance policy at The Crave Festival. For more information, see the rules of conduct.

    • I love my ears

      A party without music is like coke without sparkles. And because you want to enjoy your favorite music for as long as possible, it is wise to be careful with your ears. Three tips:

      1. Listen as safely as possible; see where you can enjoy the best and still keep enough distance from the boxes. Standing too close can harm your ears.
      2. Wear those caps! At sound pressures higher than 80 dB it is wise to use earplugs. This way you can still hear the music well, you can communicate more easily with your friends and you protect your hearing.
      3. Give your ears some rest every now and then. Every now and then, find a quiet place to give your ears a ‘break’. This way they can relax for a while so that you can enjoy your favorite music for longer.

      For more information check

    • Take a break to cool and chill

      Even if you still seem to have endless energy, it’s smart to take a break every now and then. Stop dancing and go to a quiet place to chill, have a drink or eat. Even if you feel good, such a break is a good idea. Because sometimes you only feel afterwards how warm or tired you are. Find a cool spot in the club or in the shade of a festival tent. Is it winter? Do not go outside, but find a place inside.

    • Know your limits and respect those of others

      What is the start of a nice flirt for one person, may be just a step too far for another. Harassing someone is never okay! Do you suspect someone is being harassed? Check whether the person is okay or give the security a signal.

      No is no. Respect each other’s boundaries. Don’t try to persuade others to do something they don’t want to do. Do you doubt whether the other person is still having fun? Ask or stop what you are doing. And you don’t have to be persuaded to do something you don’t want to. Stay true to yourself and listen to your gut.

      Whether it concerns the use of alcohol or other drugs, a flirt, or going home at a certain time: celebrate life, but with respect for each other’s boundaries.

    • Enjoy safe sex without regrets

      Partying is, besides dancing, also nice flirting. But avoid regrets afterwards. Indicate what you want. Does the other want something that you don’t feel like? Maybe you’re not such a good match after all. You don’t have to be fooled and you can always change your mind!

      Everyone has a different limit for what behavior they find desirable or undesirable. Is one person okay with being kissed by a stranger? No one else is waiting for that at all. It is not always so clear where that limit lies. So check if the other person likes it as much as you do, with the simple question: Are you okay?

      And if that happens, use condoms. They protect you against STDs, HIV, and unwanted pregnancies.

    • Security & crew will keep you safe

      The crew of the party or club is there for your safety and that of others. So if you are harassed, there is an argument, do you not feel well or do you see that things are not going well with someone else? Then warn security or someone from the organization. They can call the emergency room, address a difficult visitor or evict them. If you don’t feel well, you can of course go to the emergency room yourself. Even though the security is sometimes strict and even if someone from the crew seems very busy, they are there to help you if you need it.

    • The first aid team is your friend

      Are you not feeling well, or are you unsure whether you are doing well? Or is one of your friends not doing well? Go to the emergency room. They will help you.

      You can always knock on the door of the emergency room. For a band-aid because you have a blister or paracetamol. And they also help you if you don’t feel well after using alcohol or other drugs.

      What happens in the first aid, stays in the first aid. Everything you discuss or happen there is confidential. So you can tell the first aid crew what you’ve been drinking or taking. Then they can help you better.

      If you are unable to go to the emergency room yourself, ask the security or crew to call them. Do you see someone else not feeling well? Do not leave him or her alone and wait for help to arrive.

    • Get home safe: grab a ride

      Before you go to a party or festival, it is smart to think about how to get home safely. Are you taking the taxi? Is there a Bob? Do you take the shuttle bus? Check with your friends what they are up to.

      If you’ve taken alcohol or other drugs, you may think you’re fit enough to drive, but you’re not. You often don’t feel it, but under the influence, you react much less quickly than when you are sober. Fatigue is also a problem.

      Energy drinks, coffee, and other stimulants won’t help you get sober and fit again. So… let yourself be taken home, whether that is by taxi, car, bus, tram, or train. Are you going by car? Then agree in advance who the Bob is. Only get in if your driver is sober and let your Bob drive focused. Hands above the seat belts.


The Crave Festival represents a broad spectrum of electronic music around The City of The Hague. The three day during festival has different shows across the city with the main event in Zuiderpark. In the park you will encounter a mix of head banging techno, groovy disco, swiping house or fierce electro. This year we have partially redesigned the festival terrain mixing area’s and making new routs to discover the festival.

The rest of the weekend we touch base at different venues across the city. More info about the program will follow soon.